#ISPOWER is ISPO’s call to action for improved access to Assistive Health Technology (AHT) & care to help people with impaired mobility participate fully in society.

Launched in 2015, the #ISPOWER campaign focused on five pilot countries relying on the support of the respective ISPO Member Societies. ISPO Brazil, ISPO France, ISPO Pakistan, ISPO Rwanda and ISPO South Africa reported on activities and real-life impact of P&O professionals in their countries. Through telling users’ personal stories of success and adversity, a wider audience is connecting with the issues related to P&O and AHT usage in an understandable, close-to-life way. Click here to view case stories.

Through #ISPOWER, together we raise public and decision makers’ awareness and understanding of the importance of P&O and AHT care in helping to transform the lives of people with impaired mobility and integrate them into society. Get involved on Social Media.

#ISPOWER is about empowerment and social inclusion of people with impaired mobility through improved access to P&O and AHT care — empowered to be independent and empowered to reach their full potential.

Who is involved?

#ISPOWER is supported by a number of key stakeholders in the field of P&O, rehabilitation and Assistive Health Technologies. The #ISPOWER Steering Committee provides guidance and direction for the #ISPOWER campaign strategy and activities. It is composed of the following organizations:

  • African Federation of Orthopaedic Technicians (FATO)
  • Handicap International
  • International Confederation of Amputee Associations
  • International Committee of the Red Cross
  • Interbor
  • International Society of Wheelchair Professionals
  • Motivation

#ISPOWER needs you!

Help us share our vision of a world where barriers to social inclusion and mobility are reduced or eliminated as a result of improved access to rehabilitation, mobility devices, and other assistive product services for those who need it.

Why should you participate in the #ISPOWER campaign?

By supporting this important cause and contributing to the online dialogue, you get the opportunity to grow your organisation’s visibility, especially to media and government institutions, and shape the ideas and messages in a way that is favourable to your objectives (i.e. increasing scope of practice and service delivery, coverage by insurers, etc.).

Are you ready to contribute? Then help us raise awareness of the importance of assistive technology and rehabilitation.

How can you participate?

Here are some ideas:

  • Post the #ISPOWER logo on your website and social media. Download it [here].
  • Make a human chain with your colleagues, students and friends.
  • Sports event: give people an opportunity to perform sports activities like a walk, run, bicycle ride, etc.
  • Information session: present the #ISPOWER campaign at your school or organisation using the campaign’s PowerPoint presentation.
  • More ideas here.
  • Get inspired by previous activities .

To promote your #ISPOWER event, download and print our amazing campaign materials (flyers, posters, etc.).

Let us know about your #ISPOWER activity!

Make sure to take pictures and videos and share them live on social media and/or with ISPO by submitting your activity report.





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