The Continuing Education Program offers funding to Canadian and International professionals and students wishing to pursue continuing education courses, conferences and training sessions with respect to all aspects of care for persons who may benefit from prosthetic, orthotic, mobility and assistive devices.

Program Guidelines

  • The amount of funding available may vary but will be to a maximum of $2,000 Canadian.
  • Prior approval is always required to ensure funds are available.
  • Proof of attendance is required (a copy of the certificate of attendance provided by the official conference/course organizer).
  • Proof of registration fees is required. Please note that receipts received for these fees cannot be used for a participant’s personal income tax return if ISPO Canada has provided the funding for it.
  • Courses can be held in Canada or outside the country.
  • Receipts submitted in foreign currency must have the necessary paperwork showing proof of exchange rate.
  • If funding is secured through other sources for the continuing education opportunity requested, funding will only be made available if there is a balance remaining after other sources have been exhausted.
  • Tuition fees that are paid for an undergraduate or graduate program are not covered.
  • ISPO Canada cannot reimburse Prosthetic/Orthotic Centres or your employer through this program.

Criteria, Requirements and Selection:

Additional scores will be given to:

  • Candidates that have an accepted paper/presentation (oral or poster) if attending a World Congress.
  • Graduates or faculty members from an ISPO accredited training facility.

ISPO requests applicants to disclose:

  • If they have applied for a grant or received funding from another organization or source. The purpose of the additional funding received from another organization or source cannot be identical to the ISPO sponsorship of travel stipends. Double funding is not possible.
  • To apply for funding under the Continuing Education Program, a completed application form is required. Applications must be completed in full in order to be considered and can be sent via email, fax or mail to ISPO Canada

Please refer to the ISPO Continuing Education Program Guidelines for further details.

To apply for the Continuing Education Program, please complete the ISPO Continuing Education Program Application.

For questions or to send your completed application, email


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