#ISPOWER celebrates IDPD 2019

On 3 December 2019, we are inviting ISPO members, partners and friends to join #ISPOWER on social media to celebrate the UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) and promote the empowerment of persons with disabilities and an inclusive and equal society for all.

What is #ISPOWER?

#ISPOWER is ISPO’s call to action for improved access to Assistive Health Technology (AHT) & care to help people with impaired mobility participate fully in society. Through #ISPOWER, together we raise public and decision makers’ awareness and understanding of the importance of P&O and AHT care in helping to transform the lives of people with impaired mobility and integrate them into society.

Join us in celebrating ISPOWER on the occasion of IDPD on 3 December! You have time until November 29!

This year’s theme is “Promoting the participation of persons with disabilities and their leadership: taking action on the 2030 Development Agenda”.

HOW TO GET INVOLVED? Watch the video!

Please post all images/videos that illustrate the importance of empowerment and social inclusion of people with disabilities and impaired mobility on ISPO social media:



Submissions for the #ISPOWER photo/video contest are open until 29 November 2019.

The community will vote by liking the best image/video which will be then featured in the ISPOWER campaign 2020!


Some tips on how to take a nice video or photo can be found here



A message from ISPO Canada’s 17th World Congress Sponsorship Recipient

First of all I would like to express my special thanks of gratitude to ISPO Canada who
gave me the golden opportunity to attend the ISPO 17th World congress Kobe, Japan,
without the financial support of ISPO Canada I would have not able to attend this Mega
As ISPO’s flagship meeting, the World Congress is a unique interactive event where
professionals involved in the care of persons in need of prosthetic, orthotic, mobility, and
assistive devices come together to learn about the latest scientific and clinical advances,
products, innovative technologies, designs, and materials in prosthetic and orthotic care.
The theme of the conference was Basics to Bionics which captures the breadth of the
Congress in every aspect and the scientific sessions as well as the exhibition expand this
It has been a great experience attending the ISPO 17th World Congress Kobe, Hyogo,
Japan 5-8 Oct 2019 where I met many intelligent and sharp international colleagues,
experienced veterans of Prosthetics and Orthotics, Rehab experts and specialists in
various disciplines from different parts of the world. Personally I think this conference was very well organized and very successful. I fully enjoyed the one-week event with so many scientific sessions, workshops and discussions on various topics.
My Objectives to the congress:
 To attend the interdisciplinary programme covering scientific and clinical
 To attend an exhibition showcasing the latest product innovations and trendsetting
 To represent ISPO Pakistan and PIPOS in the International level and to share its
activities with the rest of the world.
 To develop liaison with international organizations.
 To develop Networking with other National Member Societies
 To expand the scope of ISPO Pakistan and PIPOS among the participants and
members of other National Member Societies by exchanging experiences, ideas
and practices.
Scientific programme:
The Scientific programme consisted of the followings:
 5 key notes including knud Jansen and IC2A inspirational lecture
 25 symposia
 11 basic instructional courses
 57 free paper sessions
 129 posters
Altogether 4240 attendees from 97 countries were participated.
Poster Presentations:
I took part in the poster presentations and present the following topics:
1. Social Inclusion Challenges Confronted by Physically Disabled Persons in two
cities of Pakistan.
2. Barriers in implementing Evidence Based Practice in Physical Rehabilitation.
3. The Prevalence of Psychosocial Problems in Physically Disabled Person in
Pakistan Institute of Prosthetic and Orthotic Sciences (PIPOS) Peshawar.
4. ISPO Pakistan activities 2017-19.
Brief Overview:
It has been exciting to see such a gathering of many researchers, whose work is widely
known and appreciated. It has been really impressive to see the success of the
conference among the students, as there were a huge number of them attending the
conference, and it is easy to reckon how the idea to become a Prosthetist & Orthotist is
regarded as an appealing one.
Lots of prominent speakers graced the event, delivering interesting keynote speeches
that provided a good overview of the breadth and depth of ISPO conference. The papers
and panels presented were eye-opening as well.
I also attended various paper sessions, which broadened my knowledge of all things on
Prosthetics & orthotics. Opening Ceremony & Knud Jansen Lecture was amazing
one. The Knud Jansen Lecture was initiated by ISPO to honour the memory of its founder.
A truly inspirational Knud Jansen Lecture on Assistive technology delivered by David
Constantine, Motivation UK and IC2A international Confederation of Amputee
Association Inspirational Lecture delivered by Desmond Tong at the inaugural ceremony.
Collaborative Work, Knowledge Sharing:
I have met several interesting people at the conference; as well as, I have managed to
make valuable contacts for my School and career, for example side meeting with
president ISPO USA, Austria, India, Cambodia, Indonesia & Thailand which will be helpful for us for exchange of knowledge for make the ISPO Bangladesh. This
conference as an interaction platform proved very valuable to me. The papers presented
at the conference, while being diverse, managed to attract my attention for the most part.
Especially papers focusing on nontechnical aspects of the P&O as this is an area that is
often understudied. I hope to remain in contact with them and possibly collaborate in the near future.
Teaching and Learning:
Overall, I definitely gained a lot from attending this conference by getting to meet
academics from different disciplines & also introduced to new methodologies and theories
which I will study in detail in the next couple of months to determine what could be
important for my School. I appreciated the diversity of participants and their effort to
understand each other although they came from completely different academic
disciplines, which I imagine is not an easy matter. The opportunity to briefly introduce
myself to several academics whose work I intend to follow and may be ask for advice on
different aspects on my own idea was truly invaluable.
Once again I would like to thank you ISPO Canada for giving me the opportunity to
participate in the ISPO world congress and looking forward for the same kind of support
in future as well.