Call for Proposals – Amputation Research Grant

As part of our mandate to support amputees across Canada, The War Amps recognizes the importance of research and innovation conducted by medical professionals in support of people living with amputation. It is through research that our members across the country can continue to receive access to the highest level of support, expertise, and care.

We are pleased to advise that due to the ongoing generosity of the Canadian public, this year, we are opening an application process for Amputation Research Grants.
These limited number of grants will provide medical professionals who work with amputees with funding support to be used towards research or pilot projects within or related to priority areas affecting amputees.

Grant applicants can request amounts ranging from $10,000 to $100,000 to be used towards advancing care for amputees. Detailed justification for amounts must be provided.

Priority Areas
1. Research related to upper limb amputation including care, fittings and techniques.
As the centre of excellence on amputation, The War Amps is acutely aware that the majority of amputees are lower limb amputees; however, this is in stark contrast to our experience with child amputees, most of whom are upper limb amputees.
Therefore, research into care and support for upper limb amputation remains a priority area, for which we would be pleased to receive research proposal applications.

2. New processes, procedures, or technologies that are expected to improve quality of life for amputees, improve access to care, or quality of care, but that require further research or assessment.

3. While we have identified the above-noted priority areas, we are open to considering other research topics related and core to providing care and support to amputees of all ages.

Must be a Canadian prosthetist, prosthetic technician, or medical professional who works closely with amputees, including but not limited to: physiatrist, occupational therapist or physiotherapist.

Guidelines for Preparing the Proposal
The following information should be included in the proposal:
– Project title, date submitted and author’s names and affiliations (i.e., prosthetic centre);
– Objectives, purpose, and significance of the proposed work and its relationship to The War Amps, the treatment of amputees, existing research in this area, and/or the priority areas identified above;
– Research plan, including the steps to be taken and methods to be employed in conducting the research;
– Timeline, including major time commitments during the period of the proposed research;
– Detailed budget, including the amount requested for the grant and up-front financial requirements to begin the research, if selected.

Evaluation of Proposals
The War Amps will evaluate proposals received and advise of the amount awarded. Successful applicants will be notified.
Successful applicants will also be expected to update The War Amps about their progress on a quarterly basis until project completion and to provide a report with key findings upon completion of the research project.

Apply Now

The application process will remain open from May 2, 2022, to June 27, 2022.Annelise PetlockAnnelise Petlock, JD. MBA.
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