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Alain Plouffe

What profession did you enter into, and what would you consider to be your greatest joy about doing the work you do?

After completing my degree in Human Kinetics at Ottawa U and then Clinical P&O at George Brown College, I became a Certified Orthotist. Currently, I oversee the Orthotics, Pedorthics, Prosthetics & Seating Program at the Queen Alexandra Centre in Victoria BC. 

Our work is an amazing combination of art and science that leads to creative ways of helping people with disabilities. My greatest joy is seeing the impact this can have on a patient’s quality of life.

What led you to become involved with ISPO Canada?

I spent a good portion of my career working overseas for the International Committee of the Red Cross. During that time, I had the privilege of collaborating with professionals from all over the world and saw varying levels of access to training and education in our field. When I decided to come back to Canada, I wanted to stay involved in promoting P&O standards both locally and abroad. Joining ISPO and becoming an auditor seemed like a great way to do so.

What impact do you think ISPO has had on persons accessing assistive devices and rehabilitation services?

Coming up in November, ISPO will be 50 years old. An impressive milestone! While there is still much to do, I believe ISPO’s remarkable efforts in establishing international standards is leading to better worldwide access to qualified professionals and consistency in patient experiences when they need P&O care.

Can you offer any advice to recent graduates and students in your chosen profession?

View the profession through a wide lens, think outside the box and challenge best practice. P&O continues to evolve and there are many opportunities for us to grow as professionals and be innovative for our patients.

What are your hobbies and activities outside of your professional life?

Enjoying everything the west coast has to offer by being outdoors with my family whenever possible.

Any other comments or thoughts you would like to share?

Joining ISPO has been a great choice. Doing so has connected me to a much larger group of like-minded professionals and I truly value the networking and learning opportunities that have come from being a member.

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