Brittany Poussett

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What led you to enter the Prosthetic/Orthotic Profession, and what would you consider to be your greatest joy about doing the work you do?

My journey into prosthetics began by studying Biophysics at the University of British Columbia while also working as a fitness instructor at the pool. I wanted to figure out how I could combine these two passions of mine.  How would I combine my love of creating, problem solving and evaluating new technology designs while also working with people to help them reach their goals?  Prosthetics was the perfect fit!  Since then, I have become a Certified Prosthetist and currently work at Barber Prosthetics as a Prosthetist and the Head of Research.  

I absolutely love working with people and being a part of them being able to do the things that they love to do.  I have witnessed (and shed) many happy tears watching my patients achieve their goals and I am truly honoured to be in this role. 

What led you to become involved with ISPO Canada?

There are many different P&O organizations in Canada including ISPO, Orthotics Prosthetics Canada and provincial P&O associations.  I originally was drawn to get involved with ISPO Canada because it was the organization, I was least familiar with I wanted to learn more about how these different organizations can work together in their unique spheres to develop the profession and improve the care we offer to our patients.  Since being involved, I have discovered a rich, collaborate interdisciplinary community that is passionate about supporting the growth of P&O professionals and the patients we care for.  

One of the other things I am passionate about is making the knowledge we acquire through research accessible and relevant to the average clinician. In joining ISPO Canada, I discovered an opportunity to join the research and education initiatives which is focused on doing just that.  We are working on bringing awareness to the high-quality education and research resources (though regular webinars, the Prosthetics Orthotics International Journal, and more) and making them accessible and relevant to everyone! 

Can you offer any advice to recent graduates and students in your chosen profession?
Welcome to a wonderful community!  Some of the richest parts of being involved in P&O are the relationships I have made with people across the country.  I encourage you to get involved in whatever you are drawn to (locally, provincially, nationally, internationally).  At all levels you will find like-minded people passionate about providing great care for their patients and making the fields of P&O better for the future.  

What are your hobbies and activities outside of your professional life?
I love anything that gets me outside with my husband and kids – snowboarding, skiing, or skating in the winter and hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking, biking, or camping in the summer.  I also love gardening and cultivate a pretty great vegetable garden in my backyard. 

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