ISPO Canada/OAPO AGM and Education Day 2022

The ISPO Canada/OAPO Education Day and AGM was held virtually on Saturday, October 22nd, 2022.

We had 90 attendees for the education event. The morning started with the Ontario Association for Prosthetics and Orthotics (OAPO) AGM followed by a presentation by Ottobock representative Josée Mathieu,C.O. (c). Josée presented a very interesting talk about the C-brace 2.0.

Next was a presentation by ISPO Canada student board member and orthotic resident Jenna Chow. Jenna presented her research project on the implementation of a pedometer in an AFO. It was a well-researched presentation and generated much discussion.

The clinical sessions started with Dr. Diana Zidarov, a research scientist at the Institut universitaire sur la réadaptation en déficience physique de Montréal and an adjunct professor at the School of Rehabilitation of the University of Montreal. Dr. Zidarov’s presentation was titled “Systematic clinical assessment and use of outcomes in prosthetic care: Challenges and opportunities.” Her presentation was pertinent to clinicians wishing to learn more about outcome measures and their use in our profession.

Dr. Zidarov’s presentation was followed by clinical presenters Dan Blocka, C.O.(c), Thomas Burton (MASc Candidate) and Dr. Amanda Mayo, FRCPC, an amputee rehabilitation physiatrist and affiliate scientist at Sunnybrook Sciences Health Centre. Dan and Thomas’ presentation looked at their on-going work to Implement and incorporate digital workflow and additive manufacturing processes in an orthotic practice, while Dr. Mayo’s presentation focused on provider and patient perspectives on digital workflow and 3D printing of prostheses. These presentations complemented each other and gave attendees insights into the world of 3D printing and its application to the orthotic and prosthetic field.

Elham Esfandiari obtained a PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences from University of British Columbia and an MSc and BSc in Prosthetics and Orthotics. Her presentation, “Partnering with peers to improve outcomes in lower limb loss care,” focused on the development of an online self-management program with support of a peer mentor for people with lower limb loss. The presentation included insightful patient perspectives on the importance of peer support for individuals coping with limb loss.

Finally, Dr. Silvia Raschke, an applied researcher with the British Columbia Institute of Technology MAKE+ group presented her talk, “Creating a sustainable future for prosthetics and orthotics: Balancing aspirations and realities.” Her research focused on the changing environment in the provision of prosthetic, orthotic and assistive devices and ways that practitioners can continue to provide patient
centred care into the future.

The day, although long, was a showcase of the exceptional researchers, clinicians and technicians working in this country to improve the lives of people in need of prosthetic, orthotic and mobility devices. We would like to thank our gold sponsor Ottobock for their continued support of this event, as well as bronze sponsors Vittoria Phoenix and Myrdal Orthopedic Technologies (MOT). The organizing team at OAPO and ISPO Canada deserve mention, as well as Rita Gupta of Facilitation First, who helped run the on-line event.

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